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Watch the Crew here - Basement bar will be open for ALL away games        Have Food With Your Fun....  We are now serving Pizza!!

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2 Freshman Mike
3 Crucible of Hate,
Goat Mill, Fade to Oblivion, Obsidian Flow
9 Shores of Elysium, Vehemiah, Asylum Effect, Samarra, Cholera
10 After Hours Radio, Causeways, Metaphortune, Antioch
16 Dead Set Ready
17 LustKill, Gigantor, The Last Ones
23 Church

24 Angelhead, Rowe, Keating, Paper Lung, Urban Tropic
29 By The Gods, Pat Chow (Australia)
30 Greysound, King Bradley, Causeways
31 Cult of Frost, Hymen Monents (Chicago), Allen Jorgensen Project.

6 Chartreuse
7 Kill the Hippies
13 Chaminade Fight Club
14 Pale Grey Lore
, Spirit Division, Maharaja and Weed Demon
20 DJ no DJ

21 In-Direct Audio presents Paradox

27 Church
28 Hallow Point, Arise The Titan, Warn The Otherís, The Russellís, Reflex Machine, Alive

3 May Daze Preparty featuring Bear Witness
5 Agents of Vega
11 From Another Planet and Bareknuckle Redemption
18 Cult of Frost
25 Church
26 Denounce Your Martyr, Samarra, Shores of Elysium, Esotera

9 Bound by Fate
22 Church
23 Death on Fire